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Behavior Issues

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Behavior Issues is located primarily in the Pacific Northwest.  The purpose of Behavior Issues is to address issues of concerns with challenging behaviors.  Another purpose is to inform parents, educators, professionals, and the general public about effective behavior principles, programs, methods, and resources for modifying behaviors for children and adults with special needs and challenging behaviors. 

These include, but are not limited to, increasing appropriate behaviors, such as; alternative and effective methods of communication, life skills, social skills, domestic skills (such as toilet-training), vocational skills, educational academics, manners, respect, on-task behaviors, as well as many others. 

These also include decreasing inappropriate behaviors, such as; self-injury, aggression, destroying property, tantrums, screaming, smoking, alcohol abuse, running away or bolting, stereotypy, sexualized behaviors, as well as many others.

Behavior Issues can be utilized as a resource to identify not only areas of concern and questions regarding behavior, but also as a reference for journal articles, other helpful web-sites, assessments and behavior data measurement forms, as well being a source of information regarding questions concerning our own behaviors and the behaviors of others. 

Services provided by Behavior Issues include; consultations, lectures, presentations, workshops, training for staff members and parents, and in-services for clinics, colleges, organizations, and private and public schools. 

Other types of topics addressed by Behavior Issues are self-management skills and programs for quitting smoking, losing weight, stopping gambling, and reducing your "bad behaviors" and/or increasing your "good behaviors." 

Behavior Issues also works with companies and schools to increase productivity and employee moral.  Another population that we work with is animal training and obedience. 

Finally, Behavior Issues combines shaping strategies with professional and amateur sports athletes and teams to increase performance.

 Behavior Issues can be reached at the number below or via e-mail
at (508) 981-3897 or


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