Purposes of Behavior Issues

Behavior Issues is located primarily in the Pacific Northwest.  The purpose of Behavior Issues is to address issues of concerns with challenging behaviors.  Another purpose is to inform parents, educators, professionals, and the general public about effective behavior principles, programs, methods, and resources for modifying behaviors for children and adults with special needs and challenging behaviors. 

These include, but are not limited to, increasing appropriate behaviors, such as; alternative and effective methods of communication, life skills, social skills, domestic skills (such as toilet-training), vocational skills, educational academics, manners, respect, on-task behaviors, as well as many others. 

These also include decreasing inappropriate behaviors, such as; self-injury, aggression, destroying property, tantrums, screaming, running away or bolting, stereotypy, as well as many others.

About Behavior Issues

Behavior Issues

Behavior Issues is interested in hiring great individuals for ABA Therapist and Behavior Techs, as well as BCBAs.  Please send resume, schedule availabilities, and a brief of you interest in working with individuals with autism and special needs.

Owner/Founder - Rick Shaw, ...

Rick Shaw is a the owner and founder of Behavior Issues.  I have worked in the area of Autism and Special Needs since 2001 (starting at the New England Center for Children - in Boston). 

I have very eclectic work and educational experience in this field.  My experience includes working for the Kent School District, so I have knowledge of how the school systems works with regards to special education.  I strongly advocate for families who are having difficulty getting services from school districts.

I started Behavior Issues in 2005 as a small part-time business.  Since then, Behavior Issues has become independent, full-time, and has grown substantially as the need high quality for services and help for individuals with autism, behaviorial challenges, and special needs.

I present annually at the ABA conference, have had several studies published, lectured, supervised, and am the former president of Northwest Association for Behavior Analysis, which is now the Washington State Association of Behavior Analysis.

Educational Background -

Behavior Analyst since 2004.

Current Doctoral studies at Northeastern University (Seattle) in Leadership, Curricula, and Education. 

Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northeastern University (Boston).

Masters in Special Education from Antioch (Seattle).

Bachelors in Psycholgy from Central Washington University.

Bachelors in Education from Central Washington University with endorsements in general education k-8, special education, and psychology